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Bruce Hutchinson L.M.T
The Hutchinson System of Integrated Mind Body Therapies

Looking for a Licensed Massage Therapist for yourself or a loved one?

Ready to take active control of your health?

Looking for fitness training and lifestyle changes to take your results beyond the treatment table?

We blend over twenty-three years of clinical massage, traditional healthcare, and fitness education into a single unified personal care program.

The core of our massage system is neuro-myofascial therapy, an approach that works with the soft tissues of the body.  The linking and layering of the nerves, muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia are addressed systemically to treat old and new injuries, reduce stress and improve sports performance. We’ll help you plan a schedule that will lead to the goals and results you want.

Beyond Simple Massage

My life’s focus has been the study of mind body practices from around the world. In addition, practicing and teaching western clinical massage, I have extensive training in Qigong, the system whose principles are the basis for Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Not only has this training been incorporated into my massage system, but I also offer training for those interested in Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, and Taoist Meditation. The body skills, mental and emotional clarity can greatly increase your results and reduce your need for doctor and chiropractor visits.

-Bruce Hutchinson; LMT

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