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Salt therapy

The Benefits of Salt 

Halotherapy, the therapeutic use of salts, is a centuries old practice, used around the world.

Salts can provide trace minerals unavailable through other dietary sources, can be absorbed through the skin and breath, and can pull toxins from the body. They may also “reset” the bodies electrical field.

While salts share these properties, they do very in origin and what they provide the body. They can also be enhanced by combining the salts with herbs and essential oils.

If you are working with a skilled therapist they will be able to select the correct salt, or combination of salts, for you.

Types of Salt

Many, but not all salts, come from either modern or ancient sea waters. Sea water is vary close to the mineral content of the blood.

Stock Salt treatments and Salt Scrubs use evaporated Sea water as their base.


Some of the Salts We Offer

Himalayan Pink Salt has become one of the most widely used salts for healing. This is an Ancient Sea salt which is now mined in the Middle East. We use multiple salt warmers made from this salt in our clinic providing all of our clients with its benefits whenever they visit.

Hawaiian Black Salt combines sea water and activated charcoal. Also known as Hiwa Kai it is commonly used in purification rituals.  The activated charcoal may also draw out and trap  more toxins through the skin.

Epsom Salts is not a sea salt but a natural mineral Magnesium Sulfide. Epsom Salts can restore the magnesium levels in the muscles, and is now recommended for Fibromyalgia.



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