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Cupping Therapy

The Newest approach that we're adding to the Massage Clinic is Cupping Therapy.

If you have been watching the Olympics, you may have noticed large sucker marks on many of the athletes. These were created by the use of special cups that draw blood and other fluids into the skin to relieve pain, stagnation, and decompress tight muscles.
Cupping has been used as a stand-alone treatment, or in combination with acupuncture (needle cupping), herbal steam (medicinal cupping) and bloodletting (wet cupping) for centuries. The most commonly used practices come China, but independent systems of cupping have been used in healthcare around the world for centuries.
Traditional cupping (fire cupping) uses glass globes flash heated with either burning alcohol, paper, or burning herbs then placed on the skin to create a
The modern method, cold cupping, uses a pump which attaches to the cups to create the vacuum. This is also known as cold cupping, and while it does not provide the thermal therapy, it provides no risk of burns and more control over the strength of the vacuum on the skin.
In general, the physical effects of cupping draws blood into the target area, creates a bruising response which may increase lymphatic drainage, promote new capillary formation and increase the local immune response as the body reacts to repair the bruised tissue. From a neuro-myofascial massage therapy point of view the most significant tissue response is the creation of negative pressure on the soft tissue. While a mild amount of lift can be provided with the hands, cupping provides significant lift over a much greater area and when used with a lubricant the cups can be glided along the muscle and fascial structures to help s
timulate the tissue layers and remove adhesions.

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If you are working with a therapist skilled in Acupressure, Acupuncture, of Reflexology they may be able to develop a treatment to compliment your mainstream medical treatment, but it should not replace current medical care.
Certain groups are cautioned against including anyone with a bleeding or bruising disorder and women who are pregnant using cupping and you should consult your doctor if you are currently under any medical treatment. 

Cupping is considered an Add On Service at the clinic so choose your massage and length then you can choose the Cupping option.  


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